Offbeat Video

By Kim Reader

This amazing video shows a two-year-old tot tackling tough farmyard tasks, including single-handedly delivering a lamb.


In the incredible footage Ruben Storey, who might be Britain’s youngest farmer, helps the sheep give birth by pulling out the lamb by its front legs before clearing its mouth and nose.

Toddler Ruben, who loves nothing more than helping out his dad Michael Storey, 31, on their farm in Haltwhistle, Northumberland, is also seen clearing a field and using a pressure hose to wash a tractor.


And the tot’s proud mum Stacey Storey, 27, is amazed at her son’s eagerness to plough through farm work at such a young age.

Pharmacy dispenser and mum of two Stacey, said: “As soon as Ruben could understand what an animal he was, he was engrossed right away. He wants to be involved in everything.

“He spends hours and hours out on the farm helping in the fields, washing the tractor, catching moles and looking after the animals.


“To me they all look the same but Ruben can tell every single cow apart and he is always in with the sheep.

“If I didn’t call him in for dinner and he didn’t have to go to nursery, I think he would stay outside on the farm all day. He just absolutely loves the job and helping his dad.

“This year was his first time being involved in lambing. He had been helping feeding them and had watched his dad and grandad delivering them but then he just perked up and said he wanted a go.

“And he just did it, it was his first go and everyone was there watching him. It’s amazing, he did such a good job. He has got such a natural way with animals.

“It made me so proud watching him lamb this sheep, I couldn’t even do that. Mick and I are both just so amazed by him all the time.”

Ruben has such a knack for farmyard duties, his mum Stacey said he just needs to be shown how to do things once before he picks them up.

And while he isn’t allowed to operate them yet, Ruben also knows how all the different machines on the farm work.


The tot’s intelligence make parents Michael and Stacey, who also have a six-month-old baby boy Toby, feel like Ruben might have ‘been here before’.

Although there is no pressure on Ruben to become a farmer when he grows up, his mum said she cannot see her ‘lovely’ little boy giving up his passion for the farm.

Stacey said: “You just show Ruben something once and he picks it up right away, it’s incredible.

“He is so intelligent, it’s like he has been here before. He even knows how all the different machines work and what they do.

“And he loves going out with his uncle and the dogs to round up the sheep. So he’s learning to be a shepherd and he’s only two.

“He is a lovely little boy and he is so kind and caring. If anyone comes to the house, he always asks if they want a cup of tea or a sandwich and he shares everything.


“Toby is obviously still way too young to understand but Ruben loves to show him all the animals so he might follow in his big brother’s footsteps.”