By David Aspinall

This lucky mum was left gobsmacked after being surprised with an exact replica of her high school car that brought her and husband together.

As Jacob Adkins filmed his mother Rebecca’s 50th birthday celebrations on January 15 2015 – but only just released – she is led to the driveway at home in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Instantly she shouts ‘that’s my car, how did you find my car’ before heading over to the beautifully restored red BMW in front of her.

While walking around the vehicle, Rebecca keeps asking husband Shawn how he had found the car which started them talking at university in the mid-1980s.

Jacob said: “Mum was just so in awe and I think she thought she was dreaming.

“She kept asking us how long we knew and how we kept it a secret.

“The energy coming from her was so awesome, and her happiness spread to everyone around her.

“It meant the world to her, and it’s probably the most thoughtful gift she’s ever received in her life.”

Shawn attended Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma, which is where he spotted Rebecca driving around in ‘this awesome BMW’.

Out of curiosity he asked Jacob’s mum for a ride and they started to date before subsequently breaking up.

Jacob said: “Mum received the car for graduating high school and loved it.

“Unfortunately, it was sold without her permission.

“Whenever she saw a similar model, she would take pictures and reminisce about her own car.”

Shawn had spotted the BMW a year before the surprise, less than half a mile from their home and set about the restoration process.

With the help of an auto-shop, the vehicle was lovingly rebuilt per Rebecca’s descriptions, even being upgraded with heated seats.

Jacob said: “Shawn swore everybody to secrecy while it was restored and before the big reveal.

“All of my family and family friends were in on the secret for a year

“Shawn made sure that whenever he visited the auto shop, my mom was always out busy so he could go in secret.”