Offbeat Viral

By Kirstie Sutheran

This video shows the moment a brave girl decided to pull out her loose tooth using a nerf gun.  

Emily Hooton, 6, from South Hedland in Western Australia decided to “shoot” her tooth out after it became wobbly. 

The footage, which captured at home in her kitchen shows the brave tot clasping the gun, with a piece of dental floss tied around the tooth as her Dad helps adjust the gun.

Clearly nervous, Emily squeezes the trigger before her tooth comes flying out. 

Emily’s Mum, Amanda Coe said: “Emily seemed a little nervous although laughing and having fun, we began a count down from 5 and Emily just laughed when we got to zero. 

“So, we started again and again she just laughed and so we counted her down one more time and she shut her eyes and pulled the trigger. 

“We lost the tooth for half an hour afterwards because it came out so fast. Emily and dad soon found the missing tooth and Emily enjoyed waking with her first tooth fairy experience this morning.”