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By Katy Gill

 This crazy cat can’t help touching her hedgehog friend despite being spiked every time she does.

 Inquisitive Izzy can’t help but reach out her paw and attempt to stroke Bowser at home in Purlear, North Carolina, USA.

 As owner Brittany Watson watches on, the one-year-old feline first takes a sniff of the hedgehog but gets poked and flinches backwards.

Pics by Brittany Watson / Caters

 Still not perturbed, Izzy reaches a paw out to touch nine-month-old Bowser before also pulling that back quickly.

 Brittany said: “I’ve had Bowser for a month and he was out for his bonding time and Izzy decided to join us.

 “She hasn’t had much one-on-one contact with Bowser, so he was being quite curious and brave.

“Izzy did not seem to be harmed by it.”