Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

A black bear has been spotted scavenging for food on a beach while oblivious tourists relax nearby. 

In incredible footage shot by a stunned visitor, the brazen bear can be seen wandering over the rocky terrain in broad daylight while shocked beach goers warn others of the unlikely visitor. 

Karl Johanson was at the Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia with his wife, Stephanie, when the pair spotted the bear. 


He recorded some footage while Stephanie took pictures and said there were hundreds of people on the beach at the time. 

Karl, a magazine editor, said: “My wife Stephanie noticed a black bear wandered from the woods beside Botanical Beach, down to the rocky shoreline. 

“He might have been hoping to catch a salmon or some other fish, or possibly eat some seaweed or shellfish.

“We weren’t scared but we stayed a good distance away from the bear, and used zoom lenses on the cameras. 

“While it’s possible for even a small bear like this to hurt a person, it is unlikely. 

“I think you’re more likely to get hurt in a traffic accident driving to the beach. 


“The people I was with shouted out warnings that the bear was there, for the people who hadn’t seen it.

“Some people tried to get close to it, and other people yelled at them to stay away from it.

“There were hundreds of people on the beach as there was an extremely low tide that day. 

“Seeing the bear was another good reminder that we share this planet with other creatures.”