Life Video

By Andrew Kao

This shocking footage shows the moment police surrounded an apparently empty-handed young woman – and pointed five guns at her.

The woman was pulled over close to a freeway at an intersection in Inglewood, California, on Monday [July 2].

In the video, filmed by 21-year-old Ricardo Ramirez, she can be seen calmly gets out of her car, with her hands in the air while at six police officers pointing five guns and a rifle at her.

Ricardo, who witnessed the exchange from the car park of a nearby Starbucks, said it ‘seemed to be the whole police department’ and the woman looked ‘terrified for her life’.

He said: “When the police automatically began to draw their guns towards the driver of the vehicle, that was my cue to take out my phone and record the police.

“The police then began to yell demands behind their car doors and their guns telling the woman to step out with her hands in the air.

“The woman looked terrified for her life, especially when five guns and even a rifle was pointed at her. The woman then begins to walk back towards the police, cautious of her every move.

“The police demand her to lay flat on her stomach on the pavement and they began to arrest her.

“The stop was disturbing to watch but it was even more disturbing and traumatizing for the woman who the police pointed their guns at.

“Some people may look at the video and say I was surprised, to a certain extent I was, but I was even more annoyed by the situation because it happens all the time even when it is not being documented.

“I was honestly scared for her life, especially in the political climate Black/African people are in America.”

Ricardo said the police moved the woman into the parking lot of Starbucks before her car was searched and she was questioned.

Eventually, he said it appeared she was arrested and her vehicle was seized.

He added: “The police ended up arresting the woman and taking the car away, but not after one of the officers bought coffee.

“Scenes like this have happened before, especially in a black and brown community like Inglewood.

“The police actually shot dead a couple sleeping in their car at a 7/11 parking lot on Manchester Blvd which is down the street from where the video was recorded.

“Police stop like the one in the video is not new to the people, it happens everywhere in black communities around Los Angeles.”