Offbeat Video

by Randal Coombs

A British holidaymaker captured the dramatic moment a volcano.

Rupesh Bhudia, from Ilford, Essex, was on a group climb on Mount Batur on the Indonesia holiday island when they spotted smoke shooting from the crater of Mount Agung.

As ash spurted into the morning sky at around 6.30am on July 2, Rhupesh watched on from the distance.

Columns of ash are reported to have shot 2000 metres into the air and lava has landed two kilometres from the crater but no injuries have been chronicled.

Rhupesh said: “The weather was really clear, everyone was just amazed and appreciating the sunrise. 

“It was just an even nicer surprise to be able to see Mount Agung erupt too. 

“There was no danger, as Mount Agung is one of the most active in the area.”

The eruption – known as Strombolian – is one of the mildest forms but there have been warnings for people who live near rivers to be aware of fast moving lava and debris.