Animals Video

By Becca Husselbee

A dog has been given a special award after taking it upon herself to collect nearly 5,000 pieces of litter in the local area for the past eight years. 

Daisy the nine-year-old cockapoo has been collecting beer cans, coffee cups and plastic bottles since she was a puppy whilst out on walks with her owner Judy Owen, 70, from Diglis, Worcester. 


She makes her way into hedgerows and bush at local parks and along the canalside to sniff out the litter and carries it all the way home to her owners front garden. 

Daisy brings home at least two pieces of litter a day and owner, Judy, who owns her own boutique, estimated that over her eight years of collecting rubbish she has brought home nearly 5,000 pieces of litter for her to recycle. 

But the eco-friendly family pet has now been recognised for her contributions to saving the planet one piece of rubbish at a time and was awarded a mayoral seal and is the first animal in the city to receive the accolade. 

Judy said: “I wish Daisy understood how special she was and the award just marks what a special little dog she is. 

“She started picking up rubbish when she was around one and I think she discovered it by accident. 


“One day she just sniffed out a beer can and then it just carried on from there to coffee cup and plastic bottles. 

“She holds them in her mouth until we get home and then drops them on to the front garden before I have to secretly have to put them in the recycling bin.

“She gets very attached to rubbish, she must think it’s some kind of treasure.” 

Judy takes Daisy for a walk twice a day along the canal or around her local park and on each journey, she will bring home a piece of litter to drop her owners front garden. 

Daisy has become famous in her local area as the ‘litter picking dog’ and is greeted in the street by fans who like to give her a fuss. 

Judy was contacted by Worcester Mayor, Councillor Jabba Riaz, earlier this month and asked to visit the council office. 


When they arrived Daisy was awarded a mayoral seal to recognised her contribution to the local environment. 

Judy said: “He invited us along to the mayor’s parlour and said he would like to meet us. 

“When we arrived he told us that Daisy would be receiving the award because he wanted to make people more conscious of looking after the environment and to thank her for her contribution over the years. 

“It was such a surprise and so overwhelming. 

“Daisy thought this was great and went to sit on the velvet chair with a beer can in her mouth. Everyone thought she was hilarious and started laughing.”

The pup is the first animal in the city to be given the award and received a certificate and medal from the mayor before being led down the red carpet. 


Cllr Jabba Riaz said: “I felt it was important to recognise the great work which Daisy has done to keep this city clean.

“I hope this is a lesson to all those who drop litter and that it will encourage people to do the right thing and pick it up. Maybe Daisy will also inspire a new generation of pets to help keep the city clean too.”

In response to receiving her honour, Daisy rolled over and said: “woof, woof, grrrr.”