By Luke Kenton

This photographer dedicated his time to capturing the euphoric expressions of kitties ‘high’ on catnip – and the results are absolutely hilarious.

Pic by Andrew/ CATERS NEWS

After Andrew Marttila discovered his roommate’s cat’s affinity for catnip, the then-hobbyist photographer attempted to capture the kitten’s amusing facial contortions with his camera phone.

Now a full-time feline photographer, Andrew, 32, from Washington, D.C, has spent the past few months compiling a book – titled “Cats on Catnip” – documenting the hilarious variation of expressions displayed by kitties during a catnip trip.

Using his friend’s cats as a muse and supplying several variations of catnip – a herb that can causes cats to enter a state of bliss for up to two hours – the neuroscience graduate captured some laugh-out-loud results.

Pic by Andrew/ CATERS NEWS

Andrew, who used to be allergic to cats, said: “Whenever I’d give him [roommate’s cat] catnip, he’d pull the most amazing faces – I loved capturing them on camera.

“You can never anticipate the outcome when you throw down a pile of catnip.

“I love being able to capture their expressions, because I feel as though they have an extremely wide range of emotion.

Pic by Andrew/ CATERS NEWS

“The catnip photos show a very wild side to cats that we don’t often see.

“Of all the photos I’ve taken over the years, the catnip photos were the most enjoyable.

Pic by Andrew/ CATERS NEWS

“I had so much fun doing this and I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy the pictures as much as I do.”

From draped tongues to wry smiles, the incredibly amusing compilation will be available in UK stores on June 28 and can be purchased online at

To see more of Andrew’s work, follow him on Instagram: @IAmTheCatPhotographer