Life Video

By Bilal Kuchay

A Pakistan man with his face swollen to almost the size of a human head is battling for his life months after he got his tooth removed from a ‘fake’ dentist.

Muhammad Farooq, 21, from Landhi, Karachi in the Sindh province of Pakistan is suffering from mouth cancer.  He is not able to talk or eat any solid food and is completely dependent on liquid diet.


Farooq, a carpenter by profession, has been counting his final days lying on bed in his house.

Farooq had complained of severe toothache after which his friend suggested to remove it by a ‘doctor’ who charges way less. 

But eight months after the surgery, Farooq’s face jaw started swelling.

The shocked man didn’t know he had a cancer. 

His elder brother Muhammad Fahad Noor said: “Eight months ago Farooq had pain in one of his teeth.

“He visited a clinic along with a friend, where he was told by the dentist that his tooth needs to be removed for which he would be charged PKR2000 (£12.5).


“His friend told him to get the tooth removed from a dentist who charges very less. He did not know if the doctor was a quake. 

“Farooq went to the dentist and got the tooth removed for lesser money.”

“Initially, we ignored the condition but when the swelling increased, we took him to a government run hospital where doctors after conducting several tests diagnosed him with cancer.

“We were shocked. We don’t understand why he went to that fake dentist just to save a few hundreds rupees.

“He is not able to talk or eat any solid food. We are giving him only liquid diet.”

When Farooq’s family went to the clinic where he had his tooth removed, they found the clinic shut and the shop turned into a saloon.

His family claims that that they visited several state-run hospitals but doctors have refused to admit him as, according to doctors, his survival chances are very less. 


“Doctors are saying that his survival chances are very less. Chemotherapy would be very painful. In such a situation we don’t want to give pain to the patient when we know it won’t serve any purpose.

“They (doctors) only suggest medicines to reduce his pain and control inflammation,” his brother added.

Dr Noor Muhammad Soomro, Chief clinical oncologist at Dr. Ruth Pfau Hospital in Karachi, said: “The cancer might have happened because the patient consumes tobacco or his tooth has got infection when his tooth was removed by the fake dentist as such clinics use unhygienic equipments.”

There are hundreds of fake dentists operating from unhygienic, illegal clinics in Karachi.

Farooq’s mother, Razia Noor, said: “My son is battling for life today. I appeal the government and law enforcement agencies in Pakistan to start a drive against the fake doctors so that peoples lives can be saved.”