Video Viral

By Kirstie Sutheran

This video show a pesky prankster making life a nightmare for an unlucky driver.

Filmed by comedian’s Martin Sokolinski, 29, and Michael Broekhuyse ,28, the video shows Michael repeatedly making Martin’s life hell as he urinates in the passenger seat and throws juice all over the window screen.

The video was filmed in Brisbane over a three month period from January-March 2018. 

In one clip, Michael can be seen repeatedly kicking the steering wheel while Martin waits at a drive-thru while in another, Michael wets himself.

In another sequence, Martin waits at a crossroad before Michael throws juice all over the car windscreen. 

Martin said: “My reaction to the pranks was mainly frustration and disgust. Michael knows how to push my buttons. 

“Michael loved the pranks and thought they were hilarious and enjoyed getting some revenge. 

“Michael thought of these pranks all by himself, but he’s been doing those sorts of things for the entire 15 years that we’ve known each other. 

“He decided to film himself being really annoying while being a passenger in my car. 

“He pours a brand new soft drink straight in my lap, he throws fart bombs into the back seat, he urinates while sitting in my car, as well as leaving the passenger door open on a busy road.”