Offbeat Video

By Bethany Gleave

This driver’s ability to reverse appears to be going backwards – as they repeatedly run off the road attempting to find a passing point.

The poor driver was desperately trying to back up and find a spot to let traffic past, but instead ended up in a ditch with two wheels in the air.


In unbelievable dash cam footage the person behind the wheel can be seen attempting to reverse but struggling to follow the direction of the road.

Confronted with a queue of oncoming traffic, the white Hyundai i30 zigzags across Sheader Road on the Isle of Skye while completely missing a designated passing spot.

The driver ends up driving through long grass and tree branches before eventually opting to pull into a home owner’s drive to let the other vehicles past.

Gordon Willoughby, 57, caught the embarrassing moment on Wednesday morning, but had a lot of sympathy for the confused ‘tourist’.

After witnessing the panicking driver Gordon, from Uig on the Isle of Skye, admits if there was no one behind him he would’ve reversed to the nearest passing point himself, which was 200 metres away.

The grandad of one said: “It did take me by surprise and I was shocked but I guess when you are not familiar with an area you can struggle and make mistakes.

“The driver didn’t look too flustered, but I think he was embarrassed.

“The poor driver actually drove past a passing place during the struggle. At one point he ended up with his wheel in the air which was worrying.


“I had a car and a minibus behind me so it was difficult for me to reverse back to let him past.

“My passing place was also a bit further back than his was as well so it could’ve been more dangerous.

“In the end he drove onto a drive, which isn’t a big issue as we were able to pass but I really did feel sorry for him.

“When I drove past him I tried to smile and wave at him, but I think he was just really embarrassed.”

Photographer Gordon decided to give the confused driver more room to manoeuvre but was worried about someone whizzing around the corner and hitting the car.

As well as giving the Hyundai plenty of room Gordon refrained from guiding the car or trying to direct the driver as he thought it would cause more confusion.

Gordon said: “It is a single-track road but you shouldn’t do over 30 on there. I was doing 20 if that and slowed right down when I saw him approaching.

“I was worried something could drive around the corner and hit him.

“I didn’t want to try and gesture for him to pull up anywhere or try and direct him because I didn’t want to panic him. I think it would’ve made it worse.

“Instead I just tried to leave him as much room as possible and keep back.

“The minibus and car were really patient behind me too.

“Some visitors are too busy looking at the scenery than to take notes of where passing places are which is one downfall of living somewhere so nice.

“I don’t want to embarrass the driver, I felt really sorry for him.”

According to Gordon tourists often run into problems trying to find passing places to pull over on the narrow lanes.

Gordon said: “Unfortunately it is a common occurrence. I live around that area, so I drive on that road daily.

“Some parts of the path are just mud from other cars doing the same, so it is really dangerous.

“I know we need more passing places on that stretch of road as this is becoming more common.

“Unfortunately visitors aren’t aware of where the passing places are and sometimes miss them.”