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By Ben Walley

This is the heartwarming moment a stepdad was surprised with adoption papers for the stepdaughter he had brought up since she was born.

The footage shows truck driver Jeremy Burden, 26, clueless about what was about to happen.

Pics by Sharon Kay Burden/Caters News

As he opens a big box full of presents, the last one was a beautiful and unexpected surprise – an envelope containing official adoption papers for stepdaughter Gracee, now three.

The emotional moment was captured on video by his wife Sharon K Burden, 40, a stay-at-home mum, at their house in Weleetka, Oklahoma earlier this month.

Sharon said: “I wanted to really surprise him and make it special.

“Most of his family knew about the surprise.

“I was the hardest two weeks keeping it a secret because I knew how happy and emotional he would be.

“I cannot be prouder of the man I have chosen to be her father.

Pics by Sharon Kay Burden/Caters News

“When I saw his reaction to the papers I knew he loved our little girl as his own.”

Sharon and Jeremy started dating in February 2015 when she was already five months pregnant with Gracee.

Since Gracee’s biological father was not around, Sharon was hesitant to start a new relationship but Jeremy proved his value as a great father.

So Sharon had decided to give him the present of a lifetime – his stepdaughter would change her last name to his.

She had been planning it for two weeks so everything would be perfect.

Pics by Sharon Kay Burden/Caters News

Sharon said she was absolutely sure about her decision since Jeremy was in the little girl’s life since the very beginning.

She added: “He was at every doctors’ visit and even in the delivery room.

“He has been in her life from day one. From the day he met her they have had a connection just like a daddy n daughter are supposed to have.

“She is a daddy’s girl and probably always will be.”