Video Viral

By Charlotte Nisbet

An unsuspecting elderly couple have been caught stealing jewellery in shocking CCTV footage that shows the pair in action.

Shop owner, Lisa Blatch, couldn’t believe it when she realised the culprits to the theft – which took place on June 22 – were a pair of pensioners. 


After realising the necklace was missing, Lisa viewed her CCTV footage and witnessed the elderly man – who appears to be over 75 years old – swipe the necklace into one of their large carrier bags before exiting the store. 

Annoyed Lisa decided to share part of the CCTV online and despite an outcry from the public there has yet to be any arrests. 

Essex Police are still investigating the case as enquiries are ongoing. 

Lisa, AGE, who owns Scape Interiors, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, said: “I was shocked when I realised the age of the couple who had stolen the necklace. 

“It goes to show that anyone is capable of a crime and that we shouldn’t judge anyone on their appearances. 

“I would not have imagined the couple who are on the CCTV would be the ones responsible for the theft. 

Caters News: A photo of the necklace that was stolen by an elderly couple at Scape Interiors in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

“There seems to be a growing trend of elderly people turning to theft and I hope the CCTV footage is a warning to other business owners that pensioners are capable of robbing too. 

“The item they stole was a £65 long necklace which was a tortoise shell colour. 

“Both of them have been named by local people but the police are so busy that no arrests have yet been made. 

“I just want the necklace back and for people to realise that thieves come in all ages. 

“Young thieves turn into old thieves so it’s not surprising that there is more elderly people apparently doing this now. 


“Thankfully I have some great customers and since sharing the post online it has been viewed by over 10k people. 

“The power of social media is amazing and I’m sure we’ll get justice eventually.”

Scape Interiors – a stylish furniture and jewellery store – will now be more vigilant towards elderly thieves. 

Lisa added: “The couple in this CCTV were carrying empty shopping bags with them which, looking back, is a little strange. 

“It’s annoying that this has happened to our store but there is always sanctification when they are caught. 


“I wasn’t working when this theft took place but thieves are so clever these days that it’s impossible to watch every single person. 

“Even though we don’t get a lot of thieves we did have two £700 rugs stolen not so long ago which were rolled up and placed into an empty pram. 

“I hope my shocking footage gives people an insight into the fact that elderly people, despite appearances, are thieves are well.”

A spokesperson for Essex Police said: “We are investigating the theft from a shop in Leigh-on-Sea on June 22. 

“Around midday, a man entered the store on Broadway and picked up an item which he left the shop with, without making an attempt to pay for it. Enquiries are ongoing.”