Offbeat Video

By Harriet Whitehead

This sassy tot shows she’s got the makings of a diva as she’s captured miming and shaking her stuff to seventies soul tune ‘September’.

Little Ruthie Wienhoff was filmed bopping her head and moving her shoulders in time to the Trolls film version of the Earth, Wind and Fire classic while sitting in her car seat during a trip with her parents.


As the song kicks in hilarious footage shows the two-year-old miming along to the words, scrunching up her nose and pulling faces to show she’s got real attitude.

After finding her rhythm by shaking her shoulders, Ruthie throws herself into her passionate performance.

Parents Andrew Wienhoff, 30, and x-ray technician Carlye Wienhoff, 29, decided to film the youngster on Monday evening [JUNE 25] on the way home from a visit to her grandparents.

Andrew, a missionary from Ohio, US, said: “She was being a little fussy in the car so we thought we’d turn on some of the music that she likes.

“She does her thing where she gets a little attitude and sings along.

“She just starts mouthing the words and crinkling up her nose – it’s pretty funny to watch. She’s Miss Sass for sure.


“It’s one of her favourite songs. It’s the version from the Trolls movie which she loves.

“If she’s being fussy we know that the way to calm her down is to turn on some music.

“She’ll just start dancing and shaking her shoulders. It’s her shoulders that go first then she really gets into it.

“She mimes along. We think it’s amazing that she can mouth along with the words as she’s only just turned two. It’s really interesting to watch her do that.

“We were watching her in the rear view mirror so I decided to start recording it so I could send it to her grandparents.”

Dad-of-one Andrew described Ruthie as an outdoorsy toddler who loves playing.


Andrew said: “We call her ‘rough and tumble Ruthie’.

“She is absolutely an outdoors baby. She likes to get in the mud and run around.

“She’s very spirited and definitely has the makings of a diva. She’s got some sass and attitude.

“She’s so young but already has such a personality and is always doing something to make people laugh.

“We showed the video to some friends and they loved it.

“We regularly take videos to show how she’s growing up and they always bring a smile to our faces.”