Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

An adorable video of ducks recognising a human as their dad went viral after one of the ducklings bites his fingers. 

Jay Kendall was walking through Sunrise, Florida, USA, on June 24 when he was approached by some seemingly friendly ducks approached him.

Recognising some of the birds from feeding them as a kid, the 21-year-old is stunned to see they have ducklings, which he hilarious calls ‘puppy thangs’.

Despite thinking they’re going to attack him at first, Jay leans down to pet them before having his fingers nipped by one of the ducklings.

Jay said: “When I saw the duck charge at first, I thought I was going to have to defend myself. 

“And then when the other two came running I realized I was outnumbered.  

“These ducks are crazy in Florida and attack people sometimes thinking they have food.”