Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

A group of kayakers had the shock of their lives when an open-mouthed shark came within reaching distance of them whilst they boated off the coast off the Isle of Man.

Jennifer Kneale, 37, was just finishing up her day at 7th Wave, a sailing school, when she was informed of a shark in the bay. 


Instead of heading home, inquisitive Jen and her team of sailing instructors jumped in their kayaks to witness the rare treat for themselves.

Capturing the nerve racking moment – which lasted around two hours – Jen filmed a basking shark swimming open-mouthed, its smoothly pointed fin breached out of the water,which caused the waves to rock the surrounding vessels.

The moment took place in Port Erin Bay, Isle Of Man, UK. on June 1.

A crowd of boaters and paddle boarders, which included children, looked on with amazement at the rarity of the event, not making a single noise and keeping movement to a minimum so to not scare the creature.

Jennifer said: “It had reached 5pm on a Friday evening and we were just finishing up our work day at 7th Wave Sailing School, when we heard a report of a shark in the bay.  

“Instead of heading home, our team took the kayaks out for a rare treat.


“We assembled a small armada in the bay and headed out to try and spot him.

“The shark had clearly found a favoured feeding spot that was rich in plankton, as he was swimming around, open mouthed, getting merrily full.

“He didn’t seem concerned by the flotilla of small crafts and made frequent close passes by.

“They are inquisitive creatures and will come and investigate you if you sit still.

“Everyone who was there to witness this reacted really well to the shark – they all correctly followed the Basking Shark Code of Conduct, which advises vessels to keep still and just watch.

“It was truly breathtaking, people were calm and quiet with nervous excitement with each close encounter.”