Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

A cyclist has captured the moment a car crashed into a group of four racing riders – causing them to fly from their bikes.

Lee Solomon, 35, was competing in the Bay Cycling Fundraiser when he captured the moment a car came ploughing into cyclists.

Lee claims that four cyclists, including himself, were involved in the collision which took place on the final straight of the 100km route in South Brisbane.

However, despite the danger of the situation, the cyclist states that the driver was very apologetic.

Lee said: “There were four cyclists involved in the crash but miraculously the only injuries were a broken collarbone and minor bruising, and I had mild concussion.

“But the driver was mortified, she was on the way to church with her grandmother and she admitted fault and said she hadn’t looked in her mirrors.

“I was gutted because I was aiming to finish the 100km in three hours and my average speed prior to the crash was 33.6km/h so I was on target.

“I’m disappointed I didn’t finish in the goal time but I’m also very happy that me and my friends walked away unscathed.”