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By Bilal Kuchay

An entire Indian village is in shock after a team of snake rescuers found more than 100 monocled baby cobras and eight adult poisonous snakes in a farmer’s house. 

Gauri Mani Bhuyan, 19, a college student, got the shock of her life on Friday evening when a baby monocled cobra came out from the corner of her room in their mud house in Shyampur village in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, and crawled over her leg.

Vid by Subhendu Mallik/ CATERS NEWS

The college student recoiled in horror, immediately ran to her parents in another room.

Gauri’s father, Bijay Bhuyan who works as a farmer, said: “The snake did not bite Gauri but she was terrified when she ran to us. 

“I immediately rushed to Gauri’s room and was shocked to see four baby cobras there.

“I along with my wife and daughter left the house and went to a neighbour’s house. We spent the night in the neighbour’s house.”

On Saturday morning the family called a local NGO Snake Helpline – involved in rescuing snakes in the state, for help.

A team of volunteers and forest officials rushed to the spot to take the snakes out from Bijay’s house.

Vid by Subhendu Mallik/ CATERS NEWS

As the rescuers dug into a mound of termites in the corner of the Gauri’s room, everyone was left shocked to see 60 baby snakes crawling out of it.

Mirza Mohd Arif, one of the rescuers, said: “We had expected there would be five to six baby cobras and  one or two adult snakes.

“No one from our team had expected we will find 60 baby snakes from the house in a day. We have never experienced something of this sort. It was a shocking moment for everyone.”

Vid by Subhendu Mallik/ CATERS NEWS

Visuals show the rescuers putting the baby snakes into an aluminium pot.

The search operation continued on Sunday as well. The team dismantled another wall of the house and removed more baby snakes and eight adult snakes, including three cobras and five vipers, as well.

“Over a 100 baby snakes have been removed from the house. Eight adult snakes and 26 egg shells were also found from the house as well.

Vid by Subhendu Mallik/ CATERS NEWS

“We will continue our rescue operation today as well and will see if we can find any more snakes from the place,” said the region’s Divisional Forest Officer, Mr. Amlan Nayak.

All the snakes have been released into the Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, almost 65 miles from Shyampur village.

Snakebite deaths, declared as state-specific disaster, account for about 37 percent of the total number of disaster deaths in the Odisha.

More than 1,700 people have died of snakebites in the last three years in the state.

Vid by Subhendu Mallik/ CATERS NEWS

Bijay Bhuyan, meanwhile, is distressed over the developments. He along with his family have been living in the neighbour’s house since Friday.

Bijay said: “I don’t understand what will we do now. How can we stay in the house.

“Even if they will take out all the snakes from our house but it will give us nightmares living in that house again.

“I want to dismantle the house completely and hope local government will help me in building a new house.”