Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

This incredible sculpture composes a musical masterpiece using the ever-changing shadows cast from the monthly cycle of new to full moon 

Craig Colorusso, 48, built the rigid square statue in the middle of the desert in Colorado Springs, USA, to blend his love of mother nature with art.


The Moon Pod uses the 29.5-day cycle to create a music, starting with silence on the full moon and building up to a 30-note chord for when the moon is full. 

The deep sounds, that last for only a few seconds, echo in beauteous harmony that incorporates both sound and mother nature.

A bench fitted in the center of the structure allows spectators the chance to enjoy the lunar melodies while observing the beautiful surroundings.  

Craig, an artist and musician, said: “The Moon Pod is a system that is meant to both mimic nature as well as interact with it.

“It’s designed to interact with both the moon and the sun light and is powered by the distorting shadows the structure creates – ever evolving with the way the shadows grow and contract with the moon and sun light.


“This has been a few years in the making so I’m very happy to finally be able to sit in the middle of it and admire my work.

“I worked alongside the brilliant Jordyn Bonds, who created the algorithm that powers the Moon Pod and Ryan Blessey who helped build it. 

“I think that this state has that perfect line between being inside and outside, it is a space that you walk into, but you’re still outside.

“The pod mimics the cycle of the moon and though it takes 29.5 days to compose an entire piece of music.


“I believe just because the art and sound are hard to document it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

“The Moon Pod constantly supplies a unique experience for each individual person, it gives participants a ‘one moment in time’ experience due to the ever-evolving waxing and waning. 

“I have received a great response, people really enjoy spending time sat on the bench in there and it felt great to be finally able to sit in there myself after thinking about it for so long.” 

Since opening to the public, visitors have shared how much they enjoy spending time in the pod, being able to appreciate art and sound whilst surrounded by mother nature. 

The statue is accessible to the public until December and Craig has already created two albums from the structure that are available on his Spotify and YouTube.