Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A toothless, blind and deaf cat who was left to die on the streets has amazingly figured out a way to turn maneuver around its foster carer’s home – by switching on and hitching a ride on their wireless robot vacuum.

In the adorable footage, Ventia, the 7-year-old rescue cat, relaxes on a cleaning device, moving seamlessly around the home.


In order to switch the machine on – without any sight or sound assisting her – the rescue kitty has figured out how to press the vacuum button twice, something that stunned owner Lisa Krakosky, who would find the vacuum away from it’s charging station and wonder, How?

The cute feline was abandoned with a suspected head trauma and intense infection, presenting Lisa with the challenge of caring for Ventia when she was fostered.

Moving around the home, however, does not seem to be an issue for pluck Ventia, who was filmed taking ride on May 15, 2018, in Lisa’s home, in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The adorable domestic medium hair cat was recused and fostered into a loving home alongside seven other rescue cats, Lisa, 35, said.

She added: “Venetia was three-years-old when she was rescued by a good Samaritan. 


“She was suspected of having severe head trauma and intense infection, leading to having all bar four of her canine teeth removed, and was permanently blind and deaf; she was underweight and had an intense ear and mouth infection.

“In 2014, she was dropped off to a shelter where we had adopted a cat from a few month prior – they restored her health to excellent condition and we adopted her shortly after.

“She visits the regular vet annually and the eye specialist every six months.

“We have often found Venetia laying on the Neato robotic vacuum, but we had never caught her riding on it before. 


“We knew she had figured out that the vacuum takes two pushes of the button to turn it on, because we would find it away from his charging base at other locations around the room. 

“Venetia prefers to sit and lie on the Neato robotic vacuum over any blankets and cat beds we provide – though I’m not sure why; I often joke that it is because she is in love with Neato. 

“Everyone has found the video of Venetia riding the Neato vacuum to be very funny, entertaining and surprising.

“I enjoy posting various photos and videos of Venetia on social media to give insight into the life of special needs animals and encourage others to consider adopting a pet with special needs.”