Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

A Hong Kong daredevil risked death scaling a 580ft-high skyscraper in a vertigo-inducing clip. 

Dramatic footage shows ‘rooftopper’ Cheung Jai, 27, scaling the towering 57 floor Empire Apartments building in Melbourne, Australia, before teetering over the precipice – with nothing else between him and the abyss below.


Cheung snuck into the building, which is still under construction, by wearing a builder’s uniform.

Since taking up the hobby in 2014 he now travels the world performing the dangerous stunts, which he claims he has never been injured by. 

Cheung, from Hong Kong, said: “I accessed the Empire Apartments by wearing a construction uniform while it was still a building site.

“It didn’t involve much planning – I just walked by and wanted to give it a try.


“Usually I never get scared, as if you get scared that’s when things go wrong.

“But this time I did get scared, as my beanie got blown away while I was climbing the crane. 

“Scaling this building was one of my reasons for travelling to Melbourne – and the air felt fresher there compared to Hong Kong.”

‘Rooftopping’ involves topping the world’s tallest buildings, hanging off the edge and capturing the perfect picture of the spectacular views beneath.


Cheung added: “I started doing this in 2014 – I just thought I would try it after seeing videos online. 

“It was fun breaking the rules. 

“At first I rooftopped on a daily basis, and now I travel the world doing it.

“I never plan to do anything in advance – I just decide what, when and where by chance – and I have never had any injuries.”