Video Viral

By Bethany Gleave

This is the moment a ‘drunk’ BMX rider sprinted towards a car and hurled himself on the bonnet – before spotting the dash cam and running away.

Footage shows the moment the cyclist slammed into the slow-moving car’s windscreen in the early hours of Friday morning [June 15] in Coventry, West Mids, before lying motionless in the road.


The brunette then jumped to his feet ‘wailing and crying’ and accused 36-year-old driver Paul Welland of hitting him with his Citroen C4 before sprinting off when he found out he was being recorded.

The dad of two believes it was an attempted ‘crash for cash’ scam as when he told the would-be victim he had footage of him bouncing off his £2,500 car he scarpered.

Paul from Coventry, West Mids, said: “I remember that it was last Friday morning because I thought Thursday was a weird night for someone to go out and get that drunk.

“It was just me in my car. I usually leave about 10 minutes earlier but I had decided to have a coffee that morning before I left.

“I saw him and his mate and I thought he was just staying in the central reservation bit.

“Then he started moving over so I slowed right down because I thought he was crossing and trying to act tough.

“I was slowing right down by this point so I beeped my horn at him and but he ran towards me.


“He dropped onto the car and slid down the windscreen. It made a huge bang. I just sat there thinking ‘what the hell are you doing?’.

“When I reversed back and spoke to his mate I told him it was all on dash cam.

“His mate said he was drunk and they had been out all night, but that isn’t an excuse.

“The guy who jumped on my car lay there until he heard the words ‘dash cam’ then he jumped up and grabbed his bike.

“When he got up and he was wailing and crying.

“I had a look and luckily there was no damage to my car, the only damage would be to his clothes from how filthy my car was.

“He could’ve smashed my windscreen though, it could’ve been a lot worse.”

The production team leader was driving to work along Ansty Road in Coventry, West Mids, when he spotted the cyclist starting to cross the road.


When he believed the rider hadn’t seen him he beeped his horn, but instead of stopping the man threw his bike down, span 90 degrees to the left and launched himself at the car.

Paul claims the cyclist’s friend apologised and explained that they had been out all night and were drunk.

At the scene Paul spoke to police officers who were passing by but didn’t formally report it.

Paul said: “There were police passing by at the time so I explained everything to them.

“Luckily my dash cam has a play back screen and I showed them the footage and that was that.”

Since sharing the footage online Paul says that five of his friends have gone out and bought a dash cam to protect themselves against potential false injury claims.

Paul said: “I would encourage everyone to get a dash cam, spending £70 on one today could save you thousands in the future.

“Since I shared the video five of my friends have gone out and bought one.

“I’m so glad I had one. It is also a good job I don’t drive that fast because that road is well known for accidents.”

West Midlands Police were contacted for comment but had no official log of the incident.