Offbeat Video

By Chanel Livesey 

Two brothers had a special puppy surprise after following their parent’s treasure hunt. 

Colby, aged five, Carson, aged two, followed the treasure hunt that was mapped out for them by parents, Megan and Josh, both 26, at their home in Merritt Island, Florida. 


The two were both lead to a treasure chest which was opened to reveal their new puppy, eight-week-old, Fisher. 

Megan said: “We’ve been wanting to add another fur baby to our family for a while as we already have one cat. 

“We wanted to make our surprise different and special for the boys and they love treasure hunts. My oldest makes his only maps on a weekly basis.


“They were so excited and surprised. I asked my oldest if he had any idea and he said no.

“They have been wanting a dog for a long time so they are soo happy.”

Megan, who has grown up with animals her whole life, was keen to have pets in the family, even though her husband Josh, was not keen on the idea. 


She said: “I myself was born and raised with tons of animals. We had 4 dogs at all times, cats, peacocks, chickens, bunnies, a pig and even a raccoon at one time. 

“My husband grew up with none, so when we got married and had kids, he really didn’t want any pets.

“This was a hard concept for me to deal with, so when my first Colby was nine-months-old, I surprised my husband and adopted a kitten. 


“He wasn’t thrilled but ended up loving him but a dog was definitely out of the question.

“However, over the years and as the boys began to grow, I think he secretly wanted a dog.”