Video Viral

Hilarious footage has emerged from Patong Beach, Thailand, of a tourist hanging on for ‘his life’ as he discovers a unique twist on virtual reality.

Marius Lopez, 37, a psychologist by profession, was on vacation in Thailand when he came across the intense virtual reality ride.

Marius, a huge fan of virtual reality, couldn’t resist shooting a video of what he was seeing.

“They don’t have a lot of resources there, but still they have invented this device to generate movement and make the whole experience more intense!

I have always been interested in VR. I even went to the MWC in Barcelona last year to see the first VR gadgets to hit the markets.”

Despite the tourist in the video turning visibly red from the experience, Marius claims most people genuinely enjoyed the experience.

“As absurd and ridiculous as it is, they are doing something fun and tourists enjoy it. It is one of those rare experiences you can only get in an exotic country.”

Marius says the tourist in the video, from Russia, walked away from the experience very “happy”.

“He was fascinated initially! But he did walk away a bit dizzy and the visible redness on his face was hilarious.”

The entire Thai VR experience costs 100 Baht (£2.3 or $2.9).

When asked if he tried the virtual reality himself Marius laughed and responded with a solid ‘NO’!