By David Aspinall

This toddler proved life’s a screech when he freaked out while visiting a beach for the first time.

Dressed in a fetching pair of red dungarees, little Garrison looks wide-eyed as he takes his first steps on to the sand in Destin, Florida, USA, on March 11.

The 15-month-old reaches down to put his hands into the grains but overwhelmed by the texture quickly stands up shouting.

Unable to maintain his balance on the uneven surface, Garrison continues to make feel his way with hands and feet making hilarious involuntary sounds each time.

Garrison’s auntie Sarah Poland said: “Garrison has never reacted that way to anything before, so we thought it was hilarious.

“He seemed to be overwhelmed by the vastness of the beach and just couldn’t contain himself.

“It was a joy to be there and experience the beauty of the beach through a baby’s eyes.

“He had already been standing on the beach and screeching for about 30 seconds before I started filming.

“After he figured out how to walk on sand, he ran all over the rest of the beach and loved it.

“He wasn’t even bothered by the cold water splashing his feet, which surprised us.”