Animals Video

By Kim Reader

Incredible footage shows a footy-mad fish getting into the World Cup spirit and flicking a ball with its tail – reminiscent of Gareth Bale’s infamous bicycle kick goal last month.

The amazing video shows fish swimming around an underwater pitch set up by football-loving aquarists at SEA LIFE Blackpool, wanting to stage their own tournament.

And in a remarkable twist one fish decided to really get into the action, flicking the ball with its tail before a puffer fish swooped in with a header.

Unfortunately for Bale, who scored the stunning bicycle kick goal against Liverpool last month, Wales failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup – and now this fish is stealing the limelight.

Since capturing the previously ungarnered talents of their aquatic life, employees at SEA LIFE have even put together a fantasy fishball league.

The league features two 15-player teams complete with some massive names, including Paul Shoals, Krill Neville and Wayne Troutledge.

General manager Matthew Titherington said: “We wanted to join in the fun and stage our own tournament underwater.

“The team here at SEA LIFE Blackpool came up with some great names for our fishy footballers.

“We even managed to capture one of the fish curling his tail to flick the ball, just like Gareth Bale.”