Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This adorable footage captures the moment a flock of newborn chicks emerge from being hidden beneath their mother hen.

John Smith was filming a mother hen when suddenly it decided to rise, releasing a batch of the tiny chicks from beneath her.

This heart-warming footage was captured at Cathy’s Cluckers, Dickson, Tennessee.

John said: “This pullet, which is a hen less than a year old, and another in that pen had sat on eggs in two nests at about the same time.

“They hatched their eggs with in a day of each other and this hen decided all 20 of the babies where hers.

Pics from Caters News

“The other pullet had been trying to get a couple from her and I had just moved her into another stall and was coming back to get some babies to take back to her.

“She had managed to get 20 babies under her and the chicks that emerged were between two and five days old.

“Small chicks with no feathers can’t regulate heat as well as a feathered bird.

“They go under mum quite often to warm up and nap during the day, it’s quite often you will see a chicks head peeking out from under a wing.”