Amazing Video

By Katy Gill

A selfless husband and wife have dedicated their spare time to designing, creating and shipping DOGGIE HIGH CHAIRS, saving thousands of lives a year – and they don’t ask for a penny in return.

The Bailey Chair is a doggie highchair targeted at dogs who suffer with the rare condition of megaesphogus, and allowing them to sit upright in order for them to digest their dinner.

Megaesophagus disease results in the enlargement of the oesophagus and can result in dogs regurgitating their undigested food and, commonly, starving to death before being diagnosed and treated.

It is hoped the chair’s upright design will aid digestion.

Five years ago, after posting a picture of a custom-made dog chair they created for their own dog, Gigi, Susan and Manual Sanchez, from San Francisco Bay, California, USA, received what they they believed at the time to be a strange request – but turned into an ingenious business opportunity to make more such chairs.


In the video, Susan shows her appreciative four-legged customers happily backing into the chairs before being served their meals.

Susan said: “Five years ago I uploaded a picture of a dog bed my husband had made for my service dog Gigi – this lead to me receiving a comment from a lady named Chrissy, jokingly asking if my husband could make her dog, Gremlin, a chair.

“I commented back because I thought putting a dog in a chair was a little odd – Chrissy explained to me that her dog had canine megaesophagus and that he had to eat and remain in the upright begging position in order to move his food into his stomach. 

“I had never heard of this condition.

“I then saw pictures of before and after to show Gremlin’s weight loss from near starvation – my husband said he would be happy to make the chair and shipped it off to Canada.


“Once she had received it, Chrissy posted the chair to the Facebook support groups and several people reached out wanting a chair for their own dogs – they enlightened me on how expensive it could be to get the dog diagnosed because most people think the dog is just vomiting.

“There is currently no cure for megaesophagus as surgery has not proven to be helpful in treating the condition – the only way we know helps is life style and meal management.

“Building these chairs has taken a lot of time out of our lives; our lives revolve around building them and helping the dogs.

“We constantly get updates and thank you letters from people who thank us for the chairs and thank us for giving them extra time with their dogs and saving their dog’s life – it’s so appreciated, but the truth is, the families are the real heroes.”