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By Kim Reader

This miniature schnauzer may be schnauzer Britain’s politest pooch as she sits at a dinner table with a napkin neatly tucked into her collar and rings a bell for treats served on a plate.

Refined pup Luna expects only the best service as she dings the bell for table service by her own personal waitress Lisa Gerrard, 45.


And balloon decorator Lisa always makes sure to film her dog’s amazing talent – even capturing adorable footage of Luna on a ‘dinner date’ with weimeraner Merlin, 12.

In the funny videos, Luna props herself up at a round table and uses her front paw to press the top of a counter bell, summoning Lisa over to serve up some fine cuisine – which the pooch delicately eats off a plate.

Mum-of-two Lisa and her husband Andy Gerrard, 56, started teaching Luna tricks a few months ago and the clever canine has already picked up 23 commands.

As well as ringing a bell for her plated up nibbles, Luna can close doors, pick out the numbers one and two, spin around, play dead and much more.

Lisa, of Hull, East Yorks, said: “Luna is a really clever little dog, she seems to pick things up really easily.

“The very first time I put the bell down in front of her, she was on it straight away. She knew exactly what I wanted her to do. She is always amazing us.


“I’ve got these videos of her where she rings the bell to get me to bring over her treats on a plate.

“It looks like she is ordering table service in a restaurant. And in one of the videos she’s sat there with Merlin and it looks like they’re on a date. It’s all a bit of fun.

“I posted one of the videos in the dog group I’m in. I didn’t expect any reaction really because she’s just ringing a bell but people loved it. She got such a great response.

“She definitely provides me and Andy with constant entertainment. Even the expression she gets on her face is so funny.”

Despite never teaching their older pooch Merlin any tricks, the wily weimeraner taught himself how to open doors.

So when Lisa and Andy, a cabinet maker, brought home Luna as an eight-week-old puppy they decided to teach her how to close doors behind her furry friend.

But after realising how intelligent their grey-haired girl is, dog lovers Andy and Lisa now plan to teach Luna many more tricks.


Lisa said: “We didn’t really teach Merlin any tricks but he decided he hated closed doors so taught himself how to open them.

“When we got Luna we taught her the basics like ‘sit’ and ‘give paw’ and then we decided we would teach her how to close doors.

“So when Merlin opens a door we can get Luna to close it behind him.

“Now she knows 23 commands. She can roll over, play dead, stand up, spin around, ring the bell. We’re even teaching her numbers.

“I’ve got cut outs of the numbers one and two and if you tell her to find number one she will do and the same with number two.

“We plan to teach her lots more, she is so intelligent. Miniature schnauzers are a great breed in general, I’d quite like another one.”