Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

A thrill seeking dog has figured out how to use a rope swing so he can fly through the air – and the hilarious moment was caught on camera. 

Tacey Paige Smith from Virginia, US, filmed he moment her pooch, Baelee, a four year old Pit Bull, swung on the rope swing in her grandparents garden. 

The 25 year old – who rescued Baelee when she was seven weeks old- found it hilarious after first spotting her dog using the swing and she’s done it ever since. 

Tacey said: “They had a rope tied to a tree and once Baelee figured out she could jump and swing on it, she’s done it ever since.  

“She plays on her rope every chance she gets! Every time we bring her over to visit my in-laws, she goes straight for it.  

“I thought it was absolutely hilarious the first time I saw her do it.

“I’ve seen videos on YouTube of other dogs doing stuff like that, and never thought Baelee would be one of those dogs, too!  

“She has so much energy, and it’s a perfect outlet for her to release that energy and get good exercise.”