By Jamie Smith

Say cheese! This little fieldmouse looked more than happy to pose for the camera as he was snapped playing with a dandelion – that was almost as big as him.

The little rodent appeared overjoyed to be playing with the weeds – and was later captured playing on other flowers and even a ladder made from corn.

Pam Donovan/Caters News

Pam Donovan, 60, took the adorable set of photographs during a workshop in Dorset.

She said: “The fieldmice are just too adorable. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to get to photograph them.

Pam Donovan/Caters News

“In the image with the mouse holding the dandelion seed, he is just so happy – his smile says it all.

“The mice themselves only weigh as much as a two pence piece, so the dandelion is really quite large in comparison to them.

Pam Donovan/Caters News

“I take the pictures in the hope that they make someone else smile.”