By Jamie Smith

At first glance, these images appear to show an owl cosying down for the night in the hollow of a tree.

But if you look closely, you’ll notice there are actually TWOO of them!

Nature photographer Marina Scarr took the amusing photos in the Withlacoochee State Forest in Brooksville, Florida.

Pic my Marina Scarr/Caters New

She said: “I visit this location each spring to photograph this particular Eastern Screech Owl nest. The fact that it’s a low to the ground, natural, two-tier nest makes it very unique. What is your favourite capture and why

“After a full day of photographing these owlets in two cavities of a tree from every angle, the sun had set and I had packed up my gear.  Taking one final glance, I noticed a third owlet poking its head out of the top cavity, set my gear back up and had just enough light for a few frames of the trio.

Pic my Marina Scarr/Caters News

“This image memorializes one of my luckiest and most magical days of photography.  It reminds me of how thrilling it is to experience the solitude of the vast forest, truly being one with nature.”