Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell 

A visitor to the tower of London has captured what he believes to be a ghost at London’s historic tower. 

Paranormal investigator, Mark Vernon, 52, took the video on June 2, and shows the huge building as he pans from side to side, showing the unusual grey shape can be clearly seen in the top of the screen. 

Mark, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, believes he has captured the entity of a lost soul from the tower. 

He said: “I could feel the presence, It’s like a little electrical shock when a presence comes close to me.

“That’s why I started filming.

“I could see it through the camera and I followed its trajectory.

“I was a little bit unlucky as my battery ran out on the camera as I was filming but my reaction was pretty calm as I often film stuff like this.

“I have filmed inside there and caught other stuff on camera as well as recording electronic voice phenomena.”