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Forget Buck’s Fizz, this extravagant barber will get rid of your buck’s frizz as he uses sparkling wine to shampoo customer’s hair.

Vilen Knudaverdyan offers punters at his store in Moscow, Russia, the opportunity to have their locks washed with a different type of ‘shampoo’.

After running warm water through their scalp first, the barber of eight years then slowly pours a bottle of Rocca del Forti Brut afterwards while massaging their heads.

Vilen, who is Armenian but originally from Dnipro, Ukraine, offers the service for no other reason than to make his clients feel good about themselves.

Vilen said: “The effect is fantastic.

“People feel like they are living the posh life.

“It is very popular and some of our customers even bring their own bottles of champagne to the shop.”

Vilen came up with the idea when one of his colleagues was leaving for another job.

He said: “After she had worked her last day in our barbershop, we held a goodbye party.

“For fun we decided to wash her head with champagne and she loved it.

“It has now become a service we are famous for.”