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bear cubs

By Ben Walley

They playful bear cubs scuffling with each other before mum steps in to intervene is a sweet display of sibling rivalry.

The two fluffy cubs were play fighting in a river near the Great Bear Lodge in British Columbia, Canada – until their mum came along and broke up the fun.

The sweet scene was caught on camera by photographer William Drumm, 31, during a bear spotting trip.

William, from Denver, Colorado, said: “The bears were only 20ft in front of us, as we watched them from the river bank.

“They were play fighting, until the mother bear came in to intervene towards the end.

“We were just sitting there, watching, and the whole family came floating down the river towards us.

“At first the cubs tried to play fight with their mum, but she gave them a slap and they calmed down after that.

“The bears are used to seeing people, and they didn’t give us a second thought.”