Life Video

By Ben Walley

A freewheeling firefighter found a unique way to celebrate his country’s national day – by pulling a wheelie wearing nothing but the nation’s flag.

Johannes Erlands, known for his outlandish stunts including muscle-ups on a lamppost, decided to add his own spin to National Sweden Day on June 6.

 Taking to his chopper with only a pair of trainers and sunglasses to accompany the blue and yellow flag tied around his neck, the 26-year-old set off.

 Flying down the country roads outside of Stockholm, Sweden, Johannes manages to pull a wheelie for a staggering 1000metres while overtaking cars.

He had come up with the idea when Sweden’s national team had successfully defended their ice hockey world championship at the end of May 2018.

Johannes said: “There certainly were some turned heads and jaws dropped when I drove past.

 “Sweden hadn’t defended a hockey world title since 1992 so it was time for a double celebration.

 “I know the risks I take when I do a wheelie naked, I have crashed three times this season so know the value of wearing leathers. 

“However, while performing stunts you can’t think of the danger because that will make you shaky.”