Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This clever pooch has all the pawtential to be a domestic goddess after learning to help his owner with the household chores. 

Dunkin the three-year-old silver labrador was rescued by owner, Haley Deecken, when he was just eight-weeks-old, and now seems to be repaying the favour by helping out with housework. 

The clever pooch can be seen loading the washing machine and dishwasher at his home in New York, on May 26. 

Haley said: “I taught him using positive reinforcement.

“He can do stunts from jumping out of windows, doing flips, and jumping through hoops to fetching me my drinks, balancing food on his bum, spinning, turning on an off lights and even pulling his little brother in a wagon. 

“He does these things because he loves to please people and work.”

Haley, who hopes to become a dog trainer, has been teaching Dunkin since he was just four months old. 

She said: His first trick was learning how to retrieve my drinks from the fridge and when I saw that he picked it up so quickly, I knew he had major potential.”