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A toddler trying to comfort his ‘crying’ mummy by giving his dummy away instantly bursts into tears.

As Rita Tabith sat on the floor at home in London on March 28 with her son Freddie, she started to pretend cry.

When her doting son instantly heard the shrieks, he instantly plugged his own pacifier into the 26-year-old’s mouth.

Despite his kind actions, Freddie started crying straight away until Rita returned the soothing sucker.

Having not learned his lesson first time around, Freddie gave the dummy back to his mum when she started the waterworks again only for tears to stream down his face for a second time.

Rita said: “As soon as I started crying, Freddie shared his dummy with me.

“He wasn’t happy about it though and the waterworks started instantly.

“I couldn’t help but laugh, especially as he did it the second time.

“He calmed down as soon as the dummy was back in his mouth.

“Watching it back now is even funnier than filming it.

“My friends and family love the video.”