Animals Video

By Sophie Norris

This puppy loves taking a ride on her owner’s new robotic vacuum cleaner – after creating the mess which forced it to be used in the first place.

Four-month-old French Bulldog Maggie uses the $600 (£450) gadget like a funfair ride after shredding leaves and other objects inside the house.


The pint-sized pup waits for owner Jenny Edwards, 44, to switch on the iRobot Roomba Vacuum before leaping on the spinning machine and holding on tight as it carries her around the room.

Amazed by the new gadget, Maggie refuses to leave it alone and in her excitement will leap onto the power button herself to start the robot all over again.

Photographer Jenny from Amarillo, Texas, said: “Maggie is always making a mess. She shreds up loads of leaves in her room and ‘helps’ me tidy up.

“She’s still my sweet little baby though.

“She’s very much a puppy, she jumped on the Zoomba the very first time I ran it and she was amazed.

“At first she followed it around and sniffed it and then she climbed right on top as it was spinning.


“I don’t know what she thinks it is, but she’s obsessed with it. I’m surprised she’s not scared of it to be honest, it’s quite loud and strange.

“Other owners have told me that their dogs are terrified of their robot vacuums.

“I’m always scared she’ll whizz off the side but she manages it just fine.”

Adventurous Maggie has also taken to climbing her owner’s vertical blinds and winding up her older sister, a 10-year-odl Shih Tzu named Charlie-Sue.

Now when Jenny wants to clean up she’s forced to take Maggie out of the room.

Jenny said: “Every time I run it I have to either wait until she’s done having a ride or take her out of the room.

“She’ll stand on the power button half the time, so I have to pick her up and run it again.

“It’s the biggest one they make but Maggie weighs 12 pounds and it’s not exactly made to be ridden by puppies.


“The robot’s voice then tells me that it’s become stuck, I think it gets bogged down under the weight of her.

“I have another dog Charlie-Sue, who she tries to play with. She wants her to chase her around I think, but Charlie-Sue won’t have any of it.

“Maggie is always getting up to no good. Recently she developed a taste for the large vertical blinds that cover the floor to ceiling windows in my sunroom.

“Sometimes when I’m sleeping I’m woken up by the sound of her wrestling with them, she really gives them a go.

“She also likes to bring in sticks from the backyard and sometimes she tries to bring in branches that have fallen from my locust tree, but she can’t get them through the doggie door. It’s a funny sight to see.”