Life Video

By Charlotte Regan

A Leicestershire ear doctor pops a large pimple in a patient’s ear before pulling out mountains of dead skin.

This squeamish video shows Neel Raithatha, also known as the Wax Whisperer, carry out the procedure on a client who was suffering from a condition called Keratosis Obturan.

The Wax Whisperer said: “Keratosis Obturan is an accumulation of large plugs of dead skin in the ear canal.

“Under normal circumstances, the skin would come out of the ear canal naturally but there was a large pimple near the entrance of the canal which stopped this from happening. 

“This pimple was most likely to have been a boil filled with blood and pus which had been caused by a bacterial infection.”

Although not a dangerous health problem, the Wax Whisperer said this build up of dead skin, if left untreated, can lead to an erosion of the ear canal.

Removing the pimple and the skin at his clinic in Leicester, he said that the procedure took around seven minutes when it should’ve taken two.

He said: “The client felt they had very little hearing in that ear and they were quite shocked to see exactly how much dead skin was removed from the ear canal!

“It was a very challenging procedure and the client would never have been able to remove the skin on their own. I was very satisfied that I managed to successfully remove it.”