Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

If you find mowing the lawn a bit of a bore, you could just get your dog to do it for you!

That’s exactly what Bryan Slater did with his two year old dog, Stormy, and caught it all on video.

The 31 year old from British Columbia was doing a spot of gardening when he spied Stormy sitting under a cherry tree eagerly watching him go round and round in circles on the grass. 

Bryan said: “Stormy had been sitting, watching me, so I let her have a try at mowing the grass.”

Quite the obedient dog, Stormy agrees to most things Bryan asks of her, but the heavy equipment engineer says he only asks her to do things she’s comfortable with.

“She sat on the mower until she reached the end of the yard.

“She looked happy, but I think we’ll need to work on the steering aspect a little more.”