By Michael Scott

A photographer has captured the rare moment a dolphin looked at him with a beaming smile.

Douglas Croft, 59, was on board a boat at a Blue ocean Whale Watch in Monterey Bay, California, when he noticed a dolphin grinning at him.

Douglas Croft/Caters News

Quickly the snapper grabbed his camera and captured the unique moment, where the Risso’s Dolphin can be seen looking and grinning at him.

Douglas claims the adorable dolphin looks ‘smug’ to be completing such a rare jump for his breed.

Douglas, from San Jose, California, said: “Every time I look at these photos it makes me smile because he seems so smug!

Douglas Croft/Caters News

“It looked to me like he was saying, ‘look what I can do!’ and they all just seemed to be having fun.

“On this day the dolphins were surfing in a rather large swell and leaping from the water, much like we often see other species of dolphins do.

“But this behaviour was very interesting for this species as they tend to be very business-like, swimming, feeding and sometimes we’ll get one doing head-slaps.”