By Charles Wade-Palmer

Two babies born just hours and metres apart had already been named Romeo and Juliet.

The parents of the Shakespearean newborns had never met, let alone discussed baby names when specialist newborn photographer, Cassie Clayshulte photographed them together.

PIC BY Cassie Clayshulte Photography/ Caters News

Cassie’s adorable photos of Romeo and Juliet in a South Carolina hospital, USA, on Monday morning went viral this week when she shared them on her Facebook page.

Cassie said: “Romeo was born on Sunday afternoon and Juliet was on Monday morning. They were born to parents who didn’t even know each other so it was a massive coincidence.

“I’m sometimes taking photos when family members are seeing the baby for the first time and my photos will be the first time relatives will see them which is the most amazing feeling.

“I started taking photographs of newborns three years ago after a few years in the job as a photographer.

PIC BY Cassie Clayshulte Photography/ Caters News

“I’m comfortable with babies I think it’s very beautiful to me, I actually had a friend who asked me to take photos of her baby and I fell in love with it.

Romeo was born to Edwin and Morgan Hernandez at 2:06pm on Sunday and 18 hours later Christiana Shifflett gave birth to Juliet with husband Allan by her side.

“It’s a very unique hospital in South Carolina and they have the most amazing staff and take the most amazing care of patients.

“They really really strive to keep these mums happy and healthy.

“They both had their names for quite a while.”

Funnily enough neither baby in this amazing coincidence was named directly after Shakespeare’s tragedy.

Rather Romeo’s name was inspired by a singer his parents Edwin and Morgan are fans of and Juliet was named after Jules in TV show ‘Psych’ because they wanted another child beginning with ‘J’.