Animals Video

By Mark Felix

A dog owner was left stunned when he found his pet husky perched on his roof and the following video has gone viral.

Having popped out to grab some food, William Tyler was shocked when he came home to Wisconsin, USA, and found a canine surprise.

Pulling into his driveway, William spotted black and white husky Grey perched above a window ledge looking at his car.

Stunned, William knew he had to capture it on film and the following footage has had more than 6.2 million views on Twitter.

William said: “It was so funny to me I had to record it.

“I was worried though. 

“Getting him down was hard as he feared the height.

“I think he was happy to see me because he knew I’d help him get out of the situation.

“But even though he’s a trouble maker, I love him to death.”

William had always wanted to adopt a husky and fell in love with Grey when he heard barking in a pet store.

Since bringing him home he has found that his faithful pooch is obsessed with getting outside.

William said: “As a husky he’s a bit of a trouble maker. 

“He’s gotten on our roof a few different occasions, including my grandparents roof. 

“If there is a window going out to the roof, he will find a way out somehow. 

“My older brother’s upstairs room has a window leading to the roof and, before he left to work, he left it cracked open. 

“So of course, Grey went upstairs, climbed out the window, and just sat on the roof until I got home.”