Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This person had one million reasons to wake up in a fright, as he emerged from a slumber to find a giant MILLIPEDE on his body.

In the scary footage, the insect can be seen curled up on a man’s stomach before proceeding to unravel and walk across his topless torso.

The FatGypsy / Caters

The moment was captured on May 13, 2018, by comedian FatGypsy, 33, who refuses to go by his real name.

After a long training session for an upcoming Muay Thai fight in Thailand, the comedian decided to take a nap on his porch.

It was when he woke up, he said, that he discovered the insect.

The FatGypsy added: “I have no idea how long it had been laying there. 

“I think it’s amazing that the minute I said, ‘I hope he doesn’t wake up and get angry,’ he woke up. 

The FatGypsy / Caters

“Talk about perfect timing.”

Since filming the moment, the FatGypsy has shown many of his friends the video – some of whom have had to look away in fright when the insect begins to move.

The comedian added: “It’s not the creature that so much fascinates me. It’s the fact that millions of years of evolution and imprinting on our DNA has taught us to fear creatures of this sort. 

“This fear evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to make sure that the human race continues and keeps on evolving. 

“If these fears had not been imprinted, we may not be here today. 

The FatGypsy / Caters

“For it’s the fear that keeps us on our toes – making sure we don’t get stung or bitten by something lethal when in parts of the world where these deadly beasts dwell. 

“This time it wasn’t a deadly beast, but next time… who knows?”