Life Video

By Tui Benjamin

An eight-year-old schoolgirl swapped the playground for the checkout to spend the day as BOSS of a supermarket.

Laurie Cannon took over managing 234 staff in a busy Asda store in Birkenhead, Merseyside, to let mum Danielle Richards put her feet up for a well-earned rest ahead of Mother’s Day.

George GM trading manager Danielle, 32, said her feisty daughter kept colleagues on their toes from the moment she walked through the door – instantly taking the reins by holding a management meeting for workers and laying out their tasks for the day.


And the year three pupil, from Halewood, Liverpool, proved to her new colleagues that while she may be small in stature, she knew all about the job in hand during the visit on Monday (March 20).

Mum-of-three Danielle, who is also mum to 11-month-old twin daughters Hollie and Lucie, said: “Laurie is brilliant and like all kids just wanted to do something nice for her mum on Mother’s Day.

“Of course when she said that instead of buying some flowers or chocolates with her pocket money, she just wanted to come to work and give me a hand, I didn’t think it would ever actually happen!


“It was a lovely way to spend the day with my daughter and credit to the colleagues at the store, they let her take over and put her in-charge for the day.

“She’s clearly been thinking about this for some time as her to-do list was already written up and she immediately briefed colleagues and got on with the job – in fact most of them joked that Laurie had more tasks for them than I usually would do!

“I can definitely see her being a boss in future – she is very outgoing and is wise beyond her years. She was really good at the job and everyone was made up with her.”


Laurie, who attends St Marks School in Halewood, kicked off her day in charge of the store with a management meeting where she told colleagues what she wanted them to do.

Next on the agenda was making sure the supermarket’s fruit and veg sections were fully-stocked with her favourite foods, before inspecting the flower bouquet section to make sure everything looked pretty for other children buying early Mother’s Day gifts for their own mums.

Laurie rounded off the day by speaking to customers at the check-outs, making sure everyone was happy and had everything they needed.

The eight-year-old said: “My mum works really hard looking after me and my family, as well as working at Asda, so I just thought I’d show her much she means to me by helping her out for the day.

“Everyone at the store was really nice to me and even when I asked people who are a lot older than me to do something, they listened and it was done. All the customers said they thought I did a great job as well!

“My favourite part was telling people to make the flowers look pretty so that they would sell more for Mother’s Day. It was great fun and I loved being part of the Asda family for a day.”

Store manager Rebecca Scott added: “Laurie is a lovely young girl and a real people person – customers and colleagues were so impressed with her management skills – and she is only eight years old!”