Offbeat Video

By Michael Scott

 A group of adrenaline junkies are definitely not slacking – as they can be seen competing in a marathon hundreds of feet in the air.

 Samuel Volery and Joshua Leuopolz, both slackliners, took to the ropes with their friends to compete for new world records – by walking a 21,200m half marathon in three days in the AIR.

Pic by Markus Casutt/Caters News

 Volery was joined by his friends, Alexander Schulz, Lukas Irmler, Quirin Herterich and Joshua Leuopolz who all broke a 1-day World Record by each walking 80 laps of a 100m highline between 2 tower blocks. 

These incredible photographs show the stomach-churning heights that the adrenaline junkies walked from and just how far their journey took them. 

Samuel said: “We each walked 8000 metres in one day whilst out in the 28 degree heat and burning sun.

Pic by Markus Casutt/Caters News

 “Falling was allowed – it does cost time and energy but you were allowed to continue at the place where you’ve fallen.

“It took us about 16 hours of line-time to complete the 21,200 metre walk and it was a hard battle to the very last minute and that’s why we share the record, because none of us were able to complete one more run.

“The half marathon was walking on a thin webbing and I am truly destroyed now – but super happy that it has worked out!”