A 23st construction site manager has been inundated with saucy messages after stripping off and posing provocatively in a series of hilarious boudoir-style photographs.

Burly Blake Molin bared all for the camera during the ‘dude-oir’ shoot as he lounged on a bed and in a milk bath surrounded by fresh flowers, beer bottles and a sharer bag of crisps.
Blake shed his clothes, and inhibitions, during the two-hour shoot for his photographer pal Kelly Duff by chugging three bottles of beer for Dutch courage – and with the promise of a weekend fishing trip.
Kelly owner of Antler and Aspen Photography said she was inspired to shoot the hilarious series of snaps earlier this month to do something ‘different’ and prove that ‘big is beautiful’.

Kelly from Deltona, Florida, said: “We just wanted to break the mould of the traditional boudoir shoots which are so sensual.

Pic By Antler and Aspen Photography/Mercury Press

“He’s a redneck, he’s very country, so we wanted to put a guy twist on things.
“I made sure we had lots of flowers but also beer and chips as I was in the military and know they’re a big staple for men.
“I collaborated on the shoot with my best friend Taylor who is Blake’s girlfriend.

“We rang him at work and told him he had 30 minutes to get in the shower and come over to the house – he just started laughing and said he would do it if he could go on a fishing trip.”

Pic By Antler and Aspen Photography/Mercury Press

Tattooed Blake, 23, struck a dazzling array of coquettish poses and pouts on the bed and in the milky bath that Zoolander himself would be proud of.
Mum-of-one Kelly, a former mechanic in the US airforce, said: “The pictures are hilarious.
“At first he was a little nervous but after giving him three beers to chug down he took everything off and started working into poses.
“Although he looks naked in some of the pictures he has his boxer shorts on, he rolled them into his hips to make it a ‘banana hammock’.

“I laugh every time I look at the photos and I’m not the only person who loves the pictures, people have been going crazy about them on social media.

Pic By Antler and Aspen Photography/Mercury Press

“He’s become an unlikely sex symbol and I’ve had a lot of people get in touch wanted to know where he is, I’ve had to let them know he’s taken.
“Blake’s been getting lots of fan mail and is now being hit on by men and women.”
Blake, who weighs 320lbs and wears a 3X shirt and 42 waist trousers, said despite initially being nervous about getting his kit off he’s thrilled with the photos and has been inundated with comments from people praising his body confidence message.

Blake said: “At first I just thought it was a funny idea and then I was a little bit worried but then they bribed me with a fishing trip so I agreed to do it.

Pic By Antler and Aspen Photography/Mercury Press

“I’ve never done any modelling before and at first was a bit worried despite being pretty confident in myself.
“I’m not really self-conscious about my size, I’ve always embraced being a bigger guy, but I had some Dutch courage before stripping off.
“I recreated the poses Kelly asked me to do and there was nothing but laughter the whole time, it was cool.
“One lady messaged me and said thank-you for doing it because her husband was a hefty man and wouldn’t have the confidence to do it.

“She said I was inspiring bigger people to do it and that made me smile.

Pic By Antler and Aspen Photography/Mercury Press

“My colleagues have seen the pictures after they went up on social media, there was lots of ribbing about it for sure.
“If anyone else wanted to do it but was I would say just do it, embrace it and have a fun time.”