By Lauren Campbell

After receiving an ostrich egg as a treat to play with, this cub had other ideas and decided to take a bite.

But the cub quickly realised it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

And after a quick taste the female cub, who is known as Kacela, certainly looked dissatisfied with her snack and scrunched her nose in disgust.

Kok/ Caters News – The lioness playing with the egg.

Photographer Joke Kok, 61, was able to capture the comical moment on camera earlier this year at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam.

Joke Kok/ Caters News

Joke, from Holland, said: “At first Kacela seemed to like the egg, I think she was afraid her sister or her dad would take it away from her and wanted to quickly hide it.

“But after a few bites I think she changed her mind and realised just how bad the taste was, it was really funny to watch her expression.

Joke Kok/ Caters News – The lioness playing with the egg.

“I have watched Kacela ever since she was a little cub and she is always very playful, she will grab anything she can get her hands on.”